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Understanding MBTI®, Myers-Briggs  Type Indicator® Workshops   

We offer keynotes (45-minutes) along with 90-minute (for small groups less than 8), ½ day (3.5 hours) or full day (6-hour) workshops.    

Each participant will receive one of the following reports based on your choice: MBTI Complete (used for keynotes or 90-minute workshops), MBTI Interpretative Report (10 pages), MBTI Report (basic 2-page report), or the Interpretative Report in Organizations (10 pages). It is highly recommended to purchase the Introduction to Type Booklet for each participant.    

These workshops are an essential way for participants to explore their own preferences and learn about the preferences of their colleagues. Based on the workshop length, a variety of group activities are conducted so each person can become more self-aware and discover how to interact and appreciate other preference types.    

A post workshop follow-up report is provided to the leader of the group, which will explain the team’s type, along with strategies the leader can use to be more effective with their team. We always receive raving reviews on these workshops! The more time the better!

Additional MBTI® Team Building Workshops:   

MBTI® Stress Management Report - No matter the context, in work or in everyday life, individuals encounter stressors that can either undermine their performance or propel their success, depending on how they react to those stressors.   

MBTI® Communication Style Report - Effective communication is a core competency in today's global, fast-paced, team-oriented organizations—when done well it can be a competitive advantage. 

MBTI® Team Report - Take the complexity out of team-building training's and develop high-functioning teams with this powerful tool. Please contact us for more information.   


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